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GDMEvents Fairytale Wedding

GDMEvents are the BEST wedding planners in Dominican Republic.Last January I was working with a popular planner in PC and they lost my venue.I already had 130 guest book and desperately reached out to every planner in Dominican Republic.That is how I landed in the hands of Marielle Joubert who I refer to as my angel.From the moment I contacted GDMEvents Marielle assured me that everything will be okay and they could help me.I trusted Marielle and met with her in person May 2019!

Marielle is as nice enough to pick my fiancé and I up from our resort and accompanied us to our site visits.What I appreciate most about Marielle is her transparency and honesty throughout this process.She found the BEST options within in my budget.My wedding looked like a millionaire’s wedding lol and I’m totally not!

Marielle communicated with me almost daily and kept me calm throughout this entire process.The day of my wedding my bridesmaids and I were greeted my a GDM Event employee,Estefany who stayed with us the entire time up until I walked down the aisle.So thoughtful and kind!! Like who even does that?! When I walked into my wedding venue the day of my wedding I couldn’t help but cry everything was so beautiful.My wedding was literally PERFECT soooo seamless nothing went wrong.The decorations were perfect, the food was amazing,my DJ was LITTTTTTT, everything was smooth thanks to GDMEvents! What could of been a horror story turned out to be a fairytale wedding thanks to Marielle and the ladies at

GDMEvents!! Thank you ladies for everything I’m so happy ❤ everyone keeps raving about how amazing my wedding was and it’s only because of GDMEvents I did nothing but show up.

Sharon & Carl

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